William G. D'Arcy

I am an independent photographer living in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Growing up in Chicago I learned about the differences between neighborhoods and the downtown business district. My father was interested in the architecture of famous buildings. He took me to see the skyscrapers, the elaborate lobbies of commercial buildings and the refinement of the Palmer House Hotel. It was another world.

Now - years later, I am again stirred by seeing the elegant buildings along Michigan Avenue, in the loop business district, Lakeshore East and River North. I am amazed by the aluminum, glass, masonry and steel buildings that house commercial and public offices. There are condo towers and hotels of all sizes. Their shapes, contrours and colors illustrate modern skyscraper technology for which the city is famous.

I enjoy making photographs of these gleaming and stately buildings as well as historic landmarks and public art. My eyes see vistas of artistry. Chicagoans are surrounded by remarkable craftsmanship that blends grace and practicality into these structures and objects. These views are so attractive that people from around the world come to see this architecture and art for themselves.

My goal is to make photographs that capture the reality and beauty of our world. I invite you to view my images.